Friday, July 02, 2004

Since I've been getting complaints from my readers....(well, actually, readeR...meaghan) so I'm's been hectic (sp?). Drama picnic was to hang out with my favorite people in the world...walked around the lake with Mike, Tessa, Christine, sami, Gleason, and ricky, and watched the water fight where Tessa got dumped into a bucket lol. Nick's Graduation party was fun too...some EXTREME Limboing with Marky T, John, Melita, etc. 'Twas fun, yet nervwracking to watch. Raghu and Melita told some stories about Myles and some other kid and what they did to guys are cruel!lol and james talked a bit...tres nice to see them all again. Went on the boat to croaten to swim with Tom and his family...that was fun, but it stunk bco the water was rly shallow, so I was only able to jump and cannonball off the front of our boat, not dive...we were too far in. Oh well...Raghu has to come next time....I got a's hot, I love it, and the guy who sold it to me was hot too, so I must find an excuse to go back there and chat him up lol. My guitar is a Squier n white.. Raghu's giving me lessons, and Ricky V is gonna teach me some metallica and other metal lol.awesome. Graduation was amazing also...I cried for like 4 hours lol. Oh and I wrote a blog entry then, but never put it up, so it'll seem kind weird now, but I spent a while on it, so here it is:

grrr nevermind, I can't find it...I'll make another shout out thing to all my senioprs another day...too lazy now.

Going out tonight to see the fireworks on our boat or tom's boat. I hope we go on Tom's bcoz then my dad won't be stressed about driving in the dark,. but I like our boat too, bcoz I'm more comfortable there, even tho ours is like a lil toy boat compared to theirs (ours is 24 ft thers is 32 lol) so yeah, that should be good. much to say lol. I'm finally writing a new peice about trying to write a new piece lol. It sounds weird, and there isn't much depth to it, but idc, because I'm in the worst writers block ever...I haven't looked at my novel in a little less than a year, and everything I've written between then and now sucks or I can only get a page or two out. .. maybe I should stick to poetry lol. Nahh...I like my new's funny...idk, whatever, maybe I'll post it on here...hmmm

My bday was great, too. IM GOING TO SEE RENT!!! My parents are getting me ORCHESTRA SEATS! yay. Can't wait. I'm gonna sing the whole show w them lol jk.
I PASSED THE EARTH SCIENCE REGENTS!!!! I thought I failed, and I got an 82, which is like the 2nd or 3rd highset grade in all 4 of mr browns classes. yay. And I get ot stay in all my honors...yesssss! lol. I'm so has been so good to me.

Alright, before I preach about how great life is and how lucky we are to be alive, I'm gonna go, because I'm sure none of oyu want to hear that cuz ur all big poops lol. jk idk where that came from. okay lata!