Monday, June 07, 2004

Hey, I'm in science supposedly reviewing for the regents. Oh well, I was screwed with that a long time ago. I'm so boredness. I havent been blogging lately and it sucks that I can't have coments so yeah. If anyone can help me get my comments, tag boar, etc back, I'd appreciate your help. Gongy was sposta help me, but I'm not sure if she has time. so... yes'm. omg, I was in a french chatroom talking to this other girl from france (duh) an she asked me what I thought about Bush n i said how I hate him, an she agreed, so now I can bash Bush in 2 languages yay lol. Oh, and I might be getting electric or acoustic guitar lessons, and maybe with a hot guy. yessss... lol I'm hping i fin the red and white fener on my bed on my bday, which is in 11 days and counting. heh. Yeah, well Mr. Brown keeps walking aroun the room an I don't wanna get caught, so I'll post more lata. Outtiez



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