Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Wow....sorry it's been so long. I've been getting complaints from my readers (I actually have some? Go figure. . .) that I haven't been posting and/or my coments and tag board are gone. Yeah, b/c of this stupiod yucky formet, all my sidebad junk and haloscan stuff dissappeared! If you find it, there's a reward. Hee hee just kidding, I'ma dork. So, yesh, Gong is supposed to help me with it soon, so it'll hopefully be up and running again. Let's recap...boringness....Sami, Christine and I went bowling on Friday. . . that was QUITE the experience. . .
"Golf claps, cuz ya sure can't bowl!" hee hee. And "MEG! you stupid whore!" cuz i alsmot broke christin'es finger...don't ask. lol. And the imaginary ball...."YOU DROPPED IT!!" I'm sorry *bends over to get it off ground*" "NO!, it's over THERE! *points under a chair someones sitting in*" haha that was funny. And I got two balls stuck! You knwo that disney movie Alley Cats strike? In the 7-10 split, the grl puts the ball on the ground, puts a finger in it and spins it, and then pushes it fwd? Well i tried that, and it went right into the gutter and got stuck halfway.
The 2nd time WASN'T MY FAULT! I was going on my second frame, and the guard rail watever was up wiating for me to bowl, so i did, then it came down lol so the ball smacked against it and sat there till Joe (aka Ringo) bowled another ball into it haha. Good times. I think i got a 40 as my socre. YESH!!!

Haha oh and "Knuckle Crakcer and Chicken schnee." and "no, sorry it's dead" hahha Okay, yeah that'll prolly only be funny to 2 other people so sorry you had to sit through that.
Did a concert last night...WGMS part 2 I think.... I didn't even need to be there. All I did was watch the green light bounce up and down on the board, set up a lil and clean up. Joy. . . Alrighty, I'm gonna go get ready for the Jazz Concert Tonight!

GOOD LUCK NICI, GONG, AND AMANDA, and touring choir...I hope they do rapper's delight.
Okie dokey, g2g ttyl byebye



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