Thursday, May 06, 2004

OC was soo good last night! I cried! Ahh....Seth was sooo sad *tear* I love that show.... the OC Finale party was great. . . The "mansion houses" lost, but that's b/c I was the only one on my team whos seen more thanone episode... I've nvr missed one. I'm tired... Friends is on tonight. I can't wait... I'm going to cry... I grew up with that show....wait, I think I said that in my previous entry... oh well. Last night was the WGMS play...I had to do sound alone... Steve said "he was helping me" so yeah... Tim n Ian and him were outside or w/e while I was stuck inside hitting "play" a million times n turning up the volume and gain... wooo lol. N then he left me! butthead! I didn't know he was going to leave. It was fine, I did great (RAKING) not much you can screw up... well yeah oyu oculd but.... so I got stuck cleaning everything up and looking for a janitor with the sound system key for like 15 mintues... it's okay though... I hope to do sound again at least once... I BETTER get it for the WGMS graduation! :-P Umm... I hafta go babysit down the street now....RICKY'S BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW. I'll make a special shout-out for him tomorrow though... hee. Oh and if anyone who reads this knows of any thatre camps where they have stage crew or sound or something like that @, can you please let me know on a comment or a tag? Oh yeah, I got a Tag board... stole it from gong, but mine isn't cool like hers yet.. haven't had time to look up color codes and that fun stuffs. So tag me! yay! lol. oh, and my new fave song from RENT is "Will I" It's really good I like it lol... okay, I'm outtie



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