Monday, May 10, 2004

Hey guys. . . I'm so bored right now. Almost got into a fight today... over a penny. lol. I threw a penny at Dan in french, cuz he said i wasn't worth a nickel and I missed him, and it bounced off his desk and hit this Hatian girl who doesn't really like me much's desk. Not even hit her, just her desk. So she stood up n was like who threw that.... the room got silent and she came over to me and was like you threw that at me? N i was like no, n dan was like yeah she did n im likw asshole! So she's like you have a problem with me? Stand up! N I was like umm no that's okay, I didn't hit you and didn't try to so you need to chill, and pretended to go back to my french work,m n then shes so self-absorbed, a few min lata shes like little girl are you talkin about me? u needs to stop. She has the worst grammar ugh. And so yeah.. the sub had to intervene and tell her to sit down. Marjory stood up for me and was like dude, it's a penny, let it go, and Jessica was like just ignore them, and a few other people stood up for me, so that was nice of them. IT was embarrassing, b/c andy was right there watching me and he's soooooo hot and yeah I was prolly beat red, and so that sucks. It's somthing funny to tell my friends about though, lol. *yawn* so tired. Tomorrow, Angela has informed me that we're staying after school to clean out my locker... I still hvae my winter coat in there, and a whole bunch of binders that I don't use anymore. It's not DISGUSTINg, just REaLLY messy and needs to be cleaned. That should be... erm...interesting. lol. I'm starting a new story... Idk what it'll turn into, or what I wanna do with it... I just write till it's finished... however long that is. It's about bacon, and other stuff lol. I'll post it on here later. Did really bad on another earth science test.... I'm really worried that I'm going to fail the regents. I know I was worried about the Math A regents too, and got a 94, one of the top scores in my class, but I don't know if I can do this one. It's really difficult. The English final w/ the critical lense will be a cakewalk, b/c I like to write and I'm semi-good at it... a lot better thanothers. And thedbq for global will be easy too, because I love them... they're easy and I'm awesome at them.

okay, enough talking... I'm tired... okay, I'm going now. bye!



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