Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Blah...I don't really feel like blogging, but I will for you faithful readers, though I don't think there are many lol....at least not many who comment! Got a 91 on my NYSSMA vocal solo... it went pretty well.. considering I kept sniffeling b/c of alleriges and the judge told me to blow my nose before the sight reading lol. So yeah, 91 ain't that bad... ugh I hate that word, aint lol. Got stuck writing in Features about "Spring in the Music Dept." Joy.... Hrm, I'm helping out with my lil sister's discover play (Misummer's Night Dream)... it's horrible... a bunch of 5th graders going "wowww" and "oooooh!" when I open or close a freakin' curtain is NOT my idea of fun... I was sposta do sound, but then I didn't b/c I don't know how to work everything and I could figure it out, but we don't have that tkind of time, so Steve is doing it, and I'll prolly either sit with him and get junk for him cuz he's lazzzzy IF I can get out of "curtain duty", which is NOT what I signed up for! *crosses fingers* Then, I'm going to Someone's OC finale party (name not given for security reasons lol)... gonna be late cuz of this stupid play, but they won't start the trivia without me. yay. And Then *tear* friends finale on Thursday... tres tres sad...I'm going to crrrryyy... I started watching Firends when I was like 7 lol....I grew ^ on it...wah, now I hafta go out and buy all the seasons on dvd with the money I DON'T have.

And yay! My mom ordered me a sustain pedal for my cassio keyboard! The guy at the store was really hot and I was talking to him about guitars and he said he gives lessons with the store so maybe mom will let me (and dad, cuz he wants to learn... god help us all) take lessons. And I bought the RENT highlights (I guess its highlights) sheet music for vocals and piano. Yay. I'm working on "Take me or Leave Me" (got like the 1st 3 measures, but it's hard) and "Seasons of Love" But I'm pissed b/c they don't have La Vie Bohem, but then again, it IS 8 minutes long, so Idk if that's a good idea to put it on here...

Umm... I'm bored, started swimming today... but I couldn't find my bathing suit this morning, so I sat on the side staring @ Dils the whole time... I think he had a hangover, cuz he was like sleeping on the bench n then on the other bench then almost fell off when we came in lol. So yeah... I don't really feel like recapping my weekend and I'm sure you dont really care... oh and added to my nicknames, are Gandizzle, Meghan Liz, and Meghan Lizizzle all thanks to MeAghan. lol Okay, I'm outtie... have better things to be doing... byebye!

OMIGOSH! 1 Tree Hill is on! ahhh Thank god for TiVo. hee hee.. now I really must go... Ta!

Meghan Lizizzle> XOX


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