Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Wow yeah. Nothing interesting really happened. We had crew yesterday. . . threw stuff in the dumpster and took off the proscenium... sad to see it go. Oh well. It was good to see everyone again. Some people more than others, but I won't get into that because I'm pretty sure you don't care. I don't even think I care. Yep well after that, Christine and I ended up not going shopping b/c of something with her mom and I'm sick. Of course, I always get sick around vacation and holidays. It's not fair, I hate it. Oh well. Everything in the afternoon was kind of a blur. I think I was watching One Life To Live my old favorite soap opera, and then fell asleep and then woke up to the can can, cuz joe called. I answered like I was dead he said lol. HE ended up coming over, but he was like and HOUR LATE. Stupid asshole. lol. I love u anyway joe. So I was ready to commit murder on all kinds of levels while bitching to james and steve that there's nothing to do around here. Then joe called n said that his mom was on the phone with her friend for like an hour and he was on his way, meanwhile I was sending threatening messages to his sn lol. My sister's friend Julia (from Les Mis) and her older sister (7th grade I think) came over n we all hung out. It was actually pretty fun. Joe tried to sing karoke to songs he didn't know, and made me sing with him. And I CAN DO A BETTER CARTWHEEL!! You don't understand, but oh well, I can do an almost perfect one, if I could land on my feet it would be perfect lol. Then we all went and played manhunt which didn't last very long so ew all went down and sat at the bottom of my driveway in a circle and played telephone with my neighbor lauren, who's in 9th too. 2 10:00 we're sitting playing telephone lol. It was actually pretty funny. Then joe left so we had to leave. N then my sister's friends slept over and in the morning they put a whole bunch of stuffed animals on me and took pictures!!And then when I woke up, they took pictures! How mean is that. lol. Wow, I'm really sick. Might be goin to D&Busters tonight with the fam. . . we'll see how long those plans hold out. It went form going yesterday to going tomorrow, to going today so Idk. Oh and John has the best blog! DONT STOP BLOGGING!! lol. byebye



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