Friday, April 09, 2004

I'm going nucking futS!! (I know, it's SUCH a cliched joke, but that's how I'm feeling. Chees-ey) I've been home all day. I'm still in my pj's and it's almost 7pm. It would be nice, but all I did was read the same book all day long. I didn't go to sleep last night till 3 am cuz of the said book, and my mom woke me up @ 8:30. arrgghh. I hope my cold "heals" in time for Easter. I am NOT in the mood to be sick with company over again. I staye dhome n played video games with my little 5-yr-old brother, while the world passed me by. Oh well, everyone was prolly busy anyway. Tongiht we're dying eggs!! WheEeE!! lol. My brother is so excited for the easter bunny to come, but the stupid asshole UPS guy delivered smthign while I was babysittin the sibs, n it was one of my brothers easter bunny things... a kiddie wheelbarrel I think. So I had to get off my lazy butt and drag it down to the garage where he couldn't see it. and that was really heavy for a kwheelbarrel lol. Yesterday I did some yard work. Idk why, but I ABHORE gardening and yard work, but the mom forced me to. Abhore... good word, hehe...
My Grandpa was on tv last night. History Channel... I'm sure you were aLL watching it. hehe. I was. It's not like it's the first time he's been on tv, and the history channel, he's always on it, but it's still cool to say thats the guy I'm going to be hugging, saying happy easter n all that jazz tomorrow. yay. So of course I had to go online and tell everyone who doesn't give a good hoot about it. But it was on the shroud of turin. He's gone to wherever to study it a whole bunch of times. His most interesting and coolest show was on Jesus' Crucifiction I think. Cuiz when they introduce him, it's him walking out of the garage I used to play hide n seek in, and he's walking out with this look on his face, like one of the guys about to go into space... walking arms swaying.. yeah lol. And they show his cross. Not that any of you care, but it's pretty cool. He built a cross, and but these glove things on and has a foot pouch thats removable for diff tests, n he put my uncles up on it and then my aunt monitors the heart rate and other med stuff w/ out the foot pouch to support himself, so he's holding onto these glove things, which HURTS, and then puts the foot patch on, and can stand up. I think I went on it when I was younger... Zugs are nerds...religiously and scientifically. Wow I just wrote a lot on my grandpa. lol. He's funny. Does a great rendition of Green eggs and Ham, and most other Dr. Seuss stories..nvr gets old.. hee hee.. dork. I g2g paint eggs now. I'll finish writing about WAHT I BOUGHT @ THE MALL tomorrow. OH BOY bet you all can't wait. AND COMMENT MORE PEOPLE!! EVEN SAMI HASNT BEEN COMMENTING!! lol.



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