Saturday, April 10, 2004

Grr I wrote a whole long entry, then got nocked offline so this is gonna be short cu zI have a headache n I wanna get offline. Oh and the quote of the day is from Angela. "I don't know why he wouldn't want to go out with me." -Angela "I don't know"-Me "I'm not THAT annoying, am I?"-Angela "...."-Me "Am I? Am I?! "-Angela lol. Haha I love u angela, ur so funny. Ummm...oh I had a funny story to tell you about me being really arab and all, but it's long n I don't feel like re-writing it, so oh well for you. Dying eggs was actually kind of fun last night with the fam. But, the 'rents get waay too into it. My dad was doing like 3 colored eggs, each colors trasitioning to the next perfectly, ones with rubberbands n stuff. I made on that said "Pirate" on it, but that's to the extent of my egg-creativity. I'm still kinda sick, but hopefully if I take a lot of drugs tomorrow I'll be all good.
Went to the G-Parents' house today (Zug side) can imagine wat it's like having like 20 cousins there, half of which are all under the age of 11 and allt herest are 14-25. lol. Me n Tommy talked about MYLES a bit, which is always fun. It's funny. Whenever I ask sm1 if they know him, they all say the same things: He sounds like he's always trying to pick up grls in a bar, n his head is WAAAY too big. lol. poor myles. oh well.. Catherine climbed a tree n got stuck, which was great. Tom had to come rescue her, but then just laughed n walked away, so she just jumped down. Scott HAD to keep checking the sports scores on my phone. N I was txting sm1 online on my phone on the couch n EVERYONE on the couch (like 10 ppl, n the couch is rly small) had their phones out. There were like 6 phones open in a row lol. It was funny. Had to be there. Oh and I MADE LASAGNE or however you spell it. YAY. I don't like it, but oh well. I was listening to my Beatles 1 CD while doing it. The mom was dancing around a lil more than she should've been though. lol. Oh and I 4got, @ my g-paretn's house, we were all chillin outside n we found a dead mouse (kmy grandma feeds a stary cat n the cat brings her mice as a gift lol) so my cousin moved it with 2 rocks n we burried it. K, I'm don'e blogging. Gotta go put out some carrots for the easter bunny! oh boy! lol. Oh to everyone...happy easter n passover...n TRACEY: CALL ME ABout coming over to pick up the motza. lol byebye everyone


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