Friday, January 30, 2004

Today just further proved that I don't have very many friends. . . Me n Christine were gonna go ice skating with kevin (grr) and he cancelled on us, so we were gonna go see ROTK, and then couldn't. then bowling, then ROTK again, then decided to go back to crew. hahaha. Oh well, eric gave us a good laugh. . . lmao he's so funny. And steve: Don't try singing for a living . . .especially Jason Mraz songs lmao that was a terrible rendition on "You and I both" Oh well. And then eric was getting pegged at with nuts by steve, and the possi. Me n Sami didn't do a good job of raking today, oh well. . . I am so happy! This week is no tax week on clothes so me, tracey, and nici are going shopping tomorrow night, and I really need new clothes (can't afford, but need) so it'll be all good.

And I wanna kill Mr. Brown!! He gave me an 80!! I dropped friggin 6 points...cuz HE lost my homework and stuck me n angela with Kevin moon, a retard who is more fascinated with staring at a map for an hour rather than getting a good grade. Hah.

It was really embarrassing when I went to WGMS... i was talkin to Mr. Sent and i was turning soo red!! Ahhhh Idk why. He is such a nerd it's great, i love him. Aiight, gtg bond with my pillow for the night
*sounded like a euphamism to me . . . hrmm?* lol... jkjk

Aiighty, ttyl all! PEAZE OUTTIE

Oh and I have a Tuna Sandwich in MY Purse . . . random quote of the day by me! yay!! and Angela smells.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Hey. It's cold out. It's snowing! Yay!! I hope we have school tomorrow though, because I only have to go in for an hour and a half anyways and we only have one day left! Tracey and Nicole came over today and we went to WGMs. But not before goin to subway for lunch and there was a REALLY hot guy working there. Hah. WG's lopckers are so friggin big i could fit in them! lol. We saw MRs. Michel... she's still skinny even though she's pregnant. Mrs. Baez is pregnant too, but she looks like she gained like 100 lbs! haha. Mr. Sent was great as always, but i was so red the whole time and he was laughing at me!! God he's such a dorky math teacher... still love him though. And guess who I ran into @ Deli Central? MR. LENT! He was so nice. But I still can't believe Tracey and I made such fools of ourselves last year in front of him and Miss Kramer! Ugh... I cringe at the thought of it.
I got a bunch of moives in case there's no school tomorrow. I'm talking to kev now, and watchin American Idol, so I'ma bounce. PEEZE OUTTIEZ


Monday, January 26, 2004

Just finished taking the Math A regents, which was the stupidest test I've ever taken. I was worked up for nothing. Ew. One question was something like "how many sides to a quadrilateral?" I mean come on. But I screwed up my answer sheet with two questions, so I'm hoping it will be okay. We're sposta be getting 16-18 inches of snow on wednesday! Yay!! But not yay. Because that will be such a stupid waste of a snowday and I'll have to take my science exam on Thursday. Me and Tracey and Nicole are trying to make plans tonight and tomorrow to see win a date with tad hamilton. We are skipping our lacrosse workout, because she doesn't want to go b/c of the snow, andI don't wanna be alone, and be the suckiest player there (no offense tracey haha).
I did end up studying yesterday... it's a miracle. My dad said he'd pay me $100 if I do better on the regents than Joe, my tutor and friend but he has like a 105 math avg so yeah. WINTER SHOULD DIE!!!!!!! I agree with Sami... it's opposite land!! roflmao. Oh and in response to Christine's blog... no I HAVE snowboarded before so go suck an egg. I nvr went to sterling, but yeah. And Joe doesn't suck. You suck you are mean. Okay, Christine's prolly not even reading this, but yah. okay, I'm gonna go, because unlike you people reading this, I HAVE A LIFE.. lol jkjk... you prolly ahve much more interesting lives than me. Okay, now im rambling on and on, and Ima go now. Bye!

Another eventful day of studying. How much fun. I took the Aug 2001 math regents and got roughly and 87 oh it whoo hoo! I'm not going to fail! (hopefully). My dad said he'd give me $100 if I got a higher score than Joe (my friend and math tutor), but it's doubtful since he has like a 100 avg in math. I hope I do well in french too.

Im so mad that Blow is on right now with Johnny Depp and I am missing it, b/c it's R and "I can't see R movies" and b/c I was watching it in my room before, but I'd rather be online. Oh well. I hope we don't have a snow day on Tuesday cuz I have off anyways. I rereally don't know what to write here. I think it's pretty boring just saying the events of my day. oo fun!! Oh and another exciting part was oging to St. Peter's with my grandma and meeting up with Mary there. So much fun watching my mother dancing at church.... oh god.My Doggie got a haircut the other day and he looks sooo cute!! OMG!!! yay... I love bernie... he's the cutest golden retriever ever! I hafta go "study" sm'more now... ew did I just say sm'more? wow. I need to widen my vocab a little more. . . I'm going to WG on tuesday to see everyone! Looking fwd to seeing Mr. Lent!! hhaha...